This time you've packed everything you need
Easy Pack app will pack your bag for you and will remind you of the things to do and buy before leaving.
Finally, you can relax and enjoy your coffee. This time you have nothing important left at home.
What do we have here?
Smart Assistant
Easy Pack Assistant will make a packing list for your travel based on your trip plans.
You will get a ready-to-use packing list within a second!
Prepared lists of things to take, do and buy
50 prepared bags for trips, sports and activities. There we already have clothing, documents, equipment, medications and many other things. Customize the lists and use them in the future.
The best part?
It's free!
Without in-app purchases.
Without advertising.
Without paid functions.
Without any other tricks.
All that Easy Pack can do is for free.
Easy Pack Assistant will build your packing list within a second
Sunbathing in Mexico, scuba diving in Australia or skiing in Switzerland?
Easy Pack Assistant will pack your bag for any type of trip in just a few steps.
Everyday templates
Use the ready-made Easy Pack templates for routine activities (gym, swimming pool, annual ski trips etc).
If you need more templates than we have, add your own. The quantity is unlimited.

Turn off the light!
Easy Pack also knows what you should do and buy before starting your travel.
London, Great Britain
My life is very hectic, I always pack in a hurry. Once I got to the airport without my passport. And a couple of times I came to important meetings without having necessary documents. Thanks to Easy Pack now I can stay super active and be sure that I have all I need for every meeting or trip.
An active mom
Kiev, Ukraine
My 5-year-old daughter and I are constantly on the move: we visit various events, go in for sports and learn foreign languages. Every minute of my day is scheduled. I use Easy Pack several times a day. I have created my own templates for our activities (a swimming pool, roller skating, Chinese class etc.) and use them regularly. I find it very useful, because when you have a small kid, leaving something important at home is a real problem.
Andy Metz
Oakland, the USA
I love to travel and try new activities, but it's often difficult and stressful to figure out what to pack. Easy Pack has made that process easier by providing lists of what to bring for each excursion. So whether I'm skiing at Tahoe, golfing in West Virginia, or snorkeling in Vietnam, I use Easy Pack to make sure I travel with the right gear!
Chernigov, Ukraine
I like Easy Pack not only because it helps me not to forget to take important things with me, but also because it doesn't let me take what I DON'T need :) So now I carry only useful stuff!
IT developer
San Francisco, the USA
Thank you guys so much for the intuitive design you've made! I've used many packing apps, but none of them was so easy-to-use!
Istanbul, Turkey
I definitely like the app because you can reuse bags. I have many events that repeat regularly, so I really save time now having these packing lists ready.
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